Intensive Couples Retreats

"The intensives we spent with you were so worth the investment and the
skills you taught us will help us to slowly heal the pain I feel."

Intensive Couple's Counseling for Those In Crisis or Who Have Experienced Sexual Betrayal and Are Longing for Genuine Relational Intimacy!

1, 2 or 3-Full Day Intensives United States / North America

Is one hour a week counseling for couples enough for those in CRISIS? You may have found, as many couples in crisis often do, that a 1-hour session a week is not enough. I have found that in these situations, much of the progress can be torn down in between sessions.  Couples in this crisis situation are often in too fragile a state to be able to wait a week for the next session. 

It has been my experience that often couples coming to one hour sessions weekly can open up old wounds and walk away from the session feeling even more helpless than before the session. This leads toward discouragement and feeling vulnerable. Couples have to be incredibly patient to progress like this 

Ask yourself if you were going to have some type of surgery, would you want your surgeon to do just a small amount of the surgery at a time. This intensive approach is designed to stop the pain in your relationship now. 

The Connection Journey Intensive Approach
for Couples In Crisis

In private, full-day sessions, I'll guide you in reinventing your relationship. These full day sessions enable you to intensify the path toward healing and resurrect your relationship into the one you dreamed about but saw it becoming hopeless and in despair. 

I create a safe, nurturing environment to invite you to explore relational issues that cannot be resolved in a typical short session and inspire you to learn new techniques that create connection between you and your partner. 

During your Connection Journey, you'll discover how to:

  • Embrace the path to healing and restoring trust where infidelity or sexual betrayal has occurred
  • Use practical, every day tools for dissolving conflict and discovering safety
  • Leave the Journey and take these tools home to use forever
  • Be your partner's best friend and healer
  • Develop new passion and depth in your relationship
  • Identify the "core wound" in your relationship and how to heal it
  • Renew the sexual energy in your relationship.

My style is warm and compassionate and I look forward to helping you, as I have hundreds of couples, find the relationship of your dreams.

An intensive crisis retreat can be scheduled as a 1, 2, or 3-day program depending on the nature of the crisis you're experiencing as a couple. It is recommended that you opt for at least a 2-day intensive to achieve the best results.

Please call our office to make arrangements or ask for more information. Each Connection Journey is individualized for each couple taking this journey and all are profound and life changing.

Intensive Connection Journey Basic Information

Cost: $1,030.00 per day

1, 2, or 3-day consecutive pre-scheduled days 
Each Day is 9:30 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. 
Offers several small breaks and a working lunch break 

Please refer to my new "Bill Me Later" option through PayPal
Deposit: 50% of the total 
You can use most major credit cards or PayPal below

Canceling:  If canceled less than 5 days before the event the deposit is forfeited due to the entire day blocked out of my schedule.

Couples Retreat

A stay over is strongly recommended for couples to eliminate distractions. The sessions are held in Winter Park, Florida. However, travel to out of town locations is possible at additional fee. Please contact our office for details and travel information as well as accommodations.

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